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IHIPC Bylaws, Procedures, and Guidance

IHIPC Membership Info and Meeting Schedule

2017-2021 Illinois Integrated Plan and Annual Updates

State and National HIV Guidance Documents


IHIPC Bylaws & Procedures


IHIPC Membership Roles & Responsibilities


2018 HIV Prevention I&S Guidance


CDC HIV Planning Guidance


IHIPC Conflict of Interest Procedure & Forms




2018 IHIPC Meeting and Activity Calendar


Illinois HIV Plan and Appendices


CDC High Impact Prevention

Concurrence Checklist


2018 IHIPC Membership List

2018 ILHPG Priority Populations

Getting to Zero (GTZ) Framework

         Parliamentary Procedure           At-A-Glance Cheat Sheet


NHAS 2020 Indicators Illinois Report


Getting to Zero (GTZ) Factsheet



2018 ILHPG Risk Group Definitions


NHAS Update



Illinois Linkage to Care – Care Continuum


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